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Santa Monica Beach Soccer Camps, Academy, and League

Beach Soccer Camps, Academy, & League in Santa Monica


Why Santa Monica Beach Soccer?

Santa Monica Beach Soccer Camps, Academy & League offer challenging, fun, & creative skill and fitness, speed and agility training, beach soccer games, and small-sided competition in a healthy, safe, and nurturing beach environment. 

Campers spend their time having lots of fun at the beach while making new friends, developing soccer skills and a love for the Beautiful Game.  

  1. Beach Soccer and sand training is low impact and can help a young player avoid overuse injuries. Training in sand can  increase proprioception (body/muscle awareness), & strength and agility
  2. Beach Soccer's playing surface forces players to work at their aerial game. Passes often go astray as the uneven sand is tricky so the most successful play often comes from chipped passes and volleyed shots. For any young soccer player, these are incredibly important skills to work on as an aerial advantage is crucial in grass soccer as well.  
  3. Perhaps most importantly, playing soccer without shoes forces your feet to really master the art of touch, & you will rapidly see improvements in ball control should you really take to beach soccer.
  4. After a tough game of beach soccer, there is an additional bonus: Now you get to swim! 

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"Santa Monica Beach Soccer is just a different atmosphere. It gets really hectic at competitive soccer. Once you come to the beach, it's a relaxed atmosphere, and it's fun. It's like going back to your childhood and playing in the park." - Susanne L.

Instead of driving hours to sit around at a field all day, mom and dad can go for a walk or run on the beach or even take time out to surf or swim. What could be more Californian than that? 

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Andrew Carman


Andrew was raised in the sports crazy nation of Australia where he soon fell in love with the sport of soccer. His innate passion & talent allowed him to achieve his dream of playing professionally leading him to play all over the globe from Australia to Asia, and Europe to North America. His relaxed style, technical ability, & experience enables him to instill a sense of self-belief in the young players he works with that brings out their natural desire to play beautifully.

Our Story...

Baltazar Ayala


Coach Baltazar Ayala has been coaching in Santa Monica for over 25 years. Having majored in Child Development his understanding of children's psychology makes him a very successful coach with children of all ages. His soccer coaching experience has seen him gain success from youth all the way up to the college level where he has successfully employed his holistic approach to coaching - Mind, Body, & Spirit - all equally important in a young player's development.